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Hello! I'm Syntriax!

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I'm a Unity Developer with a bachelor in Computer Engineering

I have interests in Game Development, Storytelling and Art in general. Developed many games using Unity and Desktop Applications for Windows since 2012. I usually put my code that I don't care too much about on Github, most of my codebase is over at my own git server. Well, you are actually on there right now. Since this is readme file is sort of like a fork of my Github profile repo xD

Games Published

SymmetricalReality Espasik Launched SpringCleaning Darkube


Visual Studio Code

Unity MonoGame Krita

Blender Inkscape Asperite

Main Programming Languages

CSharp CPlusPlus C

Other Languages

Python HTML5 CSS5 Typescript


DotNetCore Git

Sveltekit MySQL React Docker

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